Sunday, December 11, 2011


I would like to welcome you to The Sampler Menagerie Blog! When I first saw the red and white cow on The Isabella Johnstone Sampler, I began paying more and more attention to the unique, curious, beautiful, and downright odd animals that appear on samplers. I envision this blog as a place we can share close-up pictures of the animals we have stitched on samplers - both reproduction and new. If you would like to join this blog, please leave a comment. Post a close-up picture of each of the charming animals you stitch, and tag the post with your name, the name of the sampler, and the animal category: dog, rabbit, peacock, etc. I would like mermaids to be included as well - if they appear on a sampler. Dig through your stitching, and get posting! I cannot wait to see your "critters!"


  1. Looking forward to seeing what odd and charming animals you find :)

  2. I would love to contribute. I saw some the other day that intrigued me and I found at a thrift store for 1.25 a print of a sampler with the neatest animals on it and saying. I purchased it just to redesign it possibly. Great idea!


  3. What absolute fun! I love to stitch, love to look at other's creations and get inspired. It will be a pleasure to join! Thank you!!! Suzanne